Cardiff Airport Parking Advice

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  • Airport or independent car parking?
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  • When is the best time to book?

Cardiff airport parking will be safe and cost effective for you, particularly if you are going to book in advance. Especially for this airport we have reserved the best deal for you, provided by Airparks Cardiff. This off-airport car park is not far from the airport and you will cost you much less than an on-airport car park. Besides, rapid transfer to Cardiff Airport is provided for free. Also check out the special Return Greet service. It will make your life easier when you return to Cardiff, as a driver will deliver your car back to you when you arrive at the terminal.

How to Choose a Parking Service

It is quite important to understand the different options offered regarding Cardiff Airport parking. Particularly, a deal with Airparks Cardiff will definitely leave you better-off than other choices available. This car park might be located outside the borders of the airport, but it offers a much cheaper offer than most on-airport parks. It is also ideal for those needing a long term deal that will allow them to leave their car in a safe place for several weeks.

Cardiff Airport Parking Tips

A former military airport, Cardiff International Airport is today the main hub for passengers flying from Wales, serving more than two million people every year. BCP can now give you the best advice available on Cardiff airport parking:

  • Book in advance – you will definitely save a few extra pounds
  • Opt for a quality booking company which provides professional customer service
  • Search for differences in the range of services and prices offered
  • Check for possible charges regarding transfers and over-staying
  • Check for hotels with parking space available
  • Include a cancellation waiver in your deal
  • Check for refurbishment works taking place at the airport

Cardiff Airport hotels with parking

£80.96for 8 days parking (?)

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