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BCP aims to make booking your airport parking and airport hotels simple and efficient. Our Help and Support pages should provide all required information, contact details and answer any questions that you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most common questions we receive from customers making a booking, or you can see our full list of frequently asked questions.

•Will I have to hand in my car keys?
You will be required to hand in your car keys at some of the car parks. Please click the "more information" button on your chosen car park for full details.

•How do I amend my booking?
Your airport parking or airport hotel booking can now be amended on our website by using the View/Amend/Cancel form at the left.

•What do I do if my flight is delayed and I go over my pre-booked parking period?
Rates for the car parks do vary depending on time of year so we are unable to supply an accurate cost of the extra days.

•Are the prices per room or per person?
The prices quoted on our website are total prices per room unless stated otherwise.

•Will I have to park the car myself?
Please click the "more information" section on your chosen car park for full details of the parking arrangements.

•Do you have to pay in full at the time of making the booking?
Yes, full payment is required at the time of booking.

•How do I obtain a receipt for my booking?
The price is displayed on your voucher.

• I’ve made a car parking booking, but can’t find my booking reference number?
Your booking reference number can be found at the top of the email sent to confirm your booking.

If you cannot locate this email please email us your name, postcode and travel details so that we can send you a copy. Email link for general enquiries

• What should I do if the car park uses credit card recognition and I cannot bring with me the credit card used to make the booking?
Make sure that you have your  booking reference number with you.

Take a ticket and submit this with your booking reference number to a car park attendant when you return to the car park.

Do not enter another credit card into the machine, as this will charge you again.

• Can I book four adults into one room?
No, the maximum adults that any of our room types will allow is 3. Please check your chosen hotel for specific details, as each hotel has different room set ups.

Most hotels will charge a supplement for more than 2 adults in a room.

• What age do you class as a child?
Most of our hotels class 15 years or younger as a child.

Please check the "more info" section on your chosen hotel for exact details, because we do have a select few hotels that state the child must be 12 years or younger.

Changes to my booking

You can now view and amend your booking by using the View/Amend/Cancel form at the left.

All cancellations and amendments must be made through BCP and are subject to the terms and conditions for each product.

• Is there an amendment fee if I change my booking?
We do not charge an amendment fee. You will, however, have to pay for any increase in price due to you amending your booking.

• I have made two bookings in error, can I cancel one?
If the date of travel has not passed, please email details of both your bookings to us so that we may help you.
If the date of travel has passed, please email details to our Customer Service Team.


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