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The table below is a quick overview of some of the most important things our customers look for when booking their parking at Luton Airport.

🚗 LTN parking options  13
⭐ Best Rated Airparks ShortRun
💰 Cheapest parking Airparks Drop and Go
🚌 Closest Park & Ride Airparks Shortrun

Compare your Luton Airport Parking Charges

There can be a lot of Luton Airport Parking deals to choose from. We're here to help you find and book the Luton parking service that suits your travel plans. Whether you're being kind on your wallet and looking for a great-value Park & Ride service or your time is precious so you're on the hunt for a speedy Meet & Greet, we have them all.

Where is the cheapest place to park at Luton Airport?

Luton Airparks Drop and Go

Airparks Drop and Go

From just £4.25 per day

Airparks Drop & Go is our cheapest Luton Airport Parking. Transfers are super quick because the bus zips along the dedicated bus lanes to the terminal.

Our Luton parking services start at around just £34 for a week, (8 days required for a 1 week holiday) we have a number of options available at that price. The customer favourite, Luton Airparks Park and Ride as well as Swift Meet & Greet.

For the quickest comparison of Luton Airport parking charges simply enter your dates above and we'll show you what packages we have available.

Luton Airport Parking
Airport car park Price (8 days) Transfer Customer Rating
Airparks Luton Airparks Luton £33.49* (?)14 mins9.2/10
Airparks Self Park Luton Airport Airparks Self Park Luton Airport £36.99* (?)14 mins9.2/10
Terminal Car Park 1 at Luton Airport Terminal Car Park 1 at Luton Airport Search for Pricewithin walking distance8.6/10
Airparks ShortRun at Luton Airport Airparks ShortRun at Luton Airport Search for Price4 mins9/10
Luton Long Term Car Park Luton Long Term Car Park Search for Price10-12 mins8.4/10
Luton Mid Term Car Park Luton Mid Term Car Park Search for Price7-8 mins8.4/10
Airparks Drop & Go with electric vehicle charge at Luton AirportAirparks Drop & Go with electric vehicle charge at Luton AirportSearch for Price14 mins8.4/10
Luton Meet and Greet Airport Parking
Airport car park Price (8 days) Transfer Customer Rating
Luton Airparks Meet and Greet Luton Airparks Meet and Greet £74.99* (?)within walking distance8.2/10
Blue Circle Parking Meet and Greet at Luton Airport Blue Circle Parking Meet and Greet at Luton Airport £82.99* (?)within walking distance7.2/10
Luton Priority Parking Luton Priority Parking Search for Price3-4 mins8.6/10
Luton Airparks ShortRun Meet and Greet Parking Luton Airparks ShortRun Meet and Greet Parking Search for Price5 mins7/10
Luton Airport Smart Meet and Greet parking Luton Airport Smart Meet and Greet parking Search for Pricewithin walking distance7.8/10
Swift Meet and Greet Swift Meet and Greet Search for Pricewithin walking distance6.8/10

*Live airport parking prices are constantly changing according to supplier availability and pricing and, as such, may be different to the prices advertised here. We do our best to display the most relevant, up-to-date prices here using example dates and times (specified within the '(?)' ) which is always the cheapest 8 day period within the next 61 days.

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Luton car parks

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ParkBCP have over 30 years of experience in offering airport parking at the best prices! We understand that everybody has different requirements and that's why we offer a selection of different parking options for busy Luton Airport. Whether you're loaded up with luggage or a perfect packer with very little to carry, the convenient locations and reliable services are guaranteed to suit every need and most importantly, at a pocket-friendly price.

Luton Airport Hotels with Parking

Luton Airport Hotels with Parking

From just £54

It's always worth looking at our Luton airport hotels with parking. From just £54 for an overnight stay and 8 days parking. Book a flexible ticket and they can be amended and cancelled.

For some Luton airport parking tips, take a look at our airport parking advice. It offers some more handy hints on how to choose your car parking.

Luton Airport Parking FAQs

How much does it cost to park your car at Luton Airport?

Airport Parking at Luton doesn't have to be expensive. The prices change depending on what time of the year you travel and it always works out cheaper to book in advance. The below table is a list of our cheapest parking at Luton airport.

Luton Airport Parking Prices
Car Parks at Luton Airport Price per day* Price per week*
Airparks Drop & Go £4.24 £33.49
Swift Meet and Greet £4.24 £33.99
Airparks Self Park £4.62 £36.99
Airparks Short Run £4.99 £39.99
* Prices are correct at the time of writing and could be subject to change.

How to get cheap parking at Luton Airport?

The best way to get cheap parking at Luton Airport is to book early. We always advise our customers to book as soon as they can. When you book a flexible product with ParkBCP you can amend or cancel your booking so you don't have to worry about your plans changing. Official Airport parking at Luton can be expensive so we recommend taking a look at the cheaper options such as our Airparks products.

Where can I park for free at Luton Airport?

You can park for free for one hour in the Official Long Stay Car Park and 15 minutes free in the Official London Luton Airport Mid Stay Car Park. The Drop-Off / Pick-Up Zone is £5 for 10 minutes and £1 per minute thereafter.

Can I amend my Luton Airport Parking booking?

Yes, you can amend your booking Luton airport parking booking, subject to the terms and conditions. You can change the dates or car park anytime up to the arrival time on the booking, without having to pay a fee. You will have to pay the difference if the new price is higher and we will refund you if the price is lower. If you wish to cancel or amend a booking please contact us.

For more information on making amendments to your booking, take a look at the Manage My Booking page on our website.

Can I cancel my Luton Parking booking?

Yes there is Free Cancellation with your airport parking. Please check the terms and conditions of your package for further details.

What is the Postcode for Luton Airport?

To find Luton Airport, please use the postcode LU2 9LY.

Official Luton Airport Parking

Luton Airport Mid Stay Luton Airport Long Stay Luton Airport Short Stay

Parking in one of the four official airport car parks can often be thought of as a convenient way to park at Luton, however, it can be fairly costly. There are 4 official options for car parking at Luton Airport: Terminal Car Park 1, Terminal Car Park 2, Mid Stay and Long Stay. All are within the airport grounds but some still require a transfer to get you to the terminal.

Luton Airport Terminal Car Park 1 and 2

Despite the name, there are no restrictions as to how long you park at in the London Luton Airport Long Stay car park. The Long Term car park at Luton Airport is the cheapest official car park and that's because it's the furthest from the terminal so a transfer is required. Transfers take 10 minutes to get to the airport and run every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Terminal Car Park 1 & 2 Charges at Luton Airport
Duration Cost*
Up to 30 minutes £9.50
30 to 45 minutes £12.50
45 to 60 minutes £17.50
1 to 2 hours £22.00
2 to 3 hours £28.00
3 to 4 hours £37.00
4 to 5 hours £39.00
5 to 9 hours £61.00
9 to 24 hours £67.50
Each additional day, or part of a day £67.50
* Prices are correct at the time of writing and could be subject to change.

Terminal Car Park 1 is a 4-minute walk to the terminal and has secure parking with 24hr patrols. Car Park 2 is just a 5 minute walk to the terminal. You can just turn up to these car parks without booking but just be mindful that you can save over 70% on these prices when you book one of ParkBCP's brilliant car park services.

Luton Airport Mid Stay Parking

The Mid Stay Car Park is a 10-minute walk to the terminal. If you are picking someone up or dropping someone off, you can use the Mid Stay Car Park at Luton for free for 15 minutes. Any stays longer than this will incur a charge and there is no return within 4 hours.

Luton Airport Mid Stay Parking Charges
Duration Cost*
Up to 15 minutes Free
15 to 30 minutes £4.00
30 to 45 minutes £9.00
45 to 60 hours £13.50
1 to 24 hours £35.00
Each additional day, or part of a day £35.00
* Prices are correct at the time of writing and could be subject to change.

Luton Airport Long Stay Parking

The Long Stay car park is a 10 minute bus transfer from the terminal If convenience is your thing...take a look at our Meet and Greet services which have great prices compared to what you'll find with official Luton Airport parking.

Luton Airport Long Stay Parking Charges
Duration Cost*
Up to 1 hour Free
1 to 2 hours £5.00
First Day £30.00
Each additional day, or part of a day £30.00
* Prices are correct at the time of writing and could be subject to change.

The car parks we have on offer here at BCP give you the same convenience as you'll find with the official car parks, but at a much better price. Our Meet and Greet car parks allow you to pull up at the terminal, hop out of your car and stroll to the check-in desks, all for a lower price that you'll find if you book directly with the airport.

Cheap Luton Airport parking

There are a number of ways of keeping your Luton Airport parking costs down. Looking for the cheapest product is of course an obvious one. At Luton Airparks is the cheapest product we have on offer. The service is excellent and although the price is remarkably low, you do not sacrifice on quality. Your car is parked in a secured car park, transfers take just 13 minutes and run 24 hours a day so it's the ideal way to save money.

The earlier you book, the more you save! We always advise our customers to book early and it's not just to guarantee a space, it's because our rates are always cheaper the earlier you book.

Keep an eye out for our Super Saver rates as they will offer you the cheapest parking at Luton airport on the market. They are non-amendable and cannot be cancelled, but if you have booked your flight and are sure on your dates and times, the money you save can be quite significant.Super Saver offers are available on all products, so if you are after a more premium service or just looking for a speedy arrival and departure at the airport, we recommend Swift Meet and Greet. The service is the ultimate in convenience and the price is surprisingly comparable to our other parking services.

Take a look at our cheap parking at Luton airport for more ways to save.

Our Closest Car Parks To Luton Airport

BCP offers great value car parking that is close to Luton Airport. Whether it is a Meet & Greet that you opt for, or a Park & Ride service, all of our services are close to the airport terminal, with the longest transfer only 14 minutes.

Meet & Greet: Our selection of Meet & Greet car parks offer the most speedy and convenient way to park. They're particularly handy for anybody with a lot of luggage, or those travelling with children or elderly, but that's not to say Meet & Greet isn't for everybody else too, especially when our Swift Meet & Greet is only £34 for 8 days parking, which is as low as some of our Park & Ride car options.

All of our Meet & Greet options allow you to pull up to either the multi-storey car park or the Short Term car park, both are just a 5 minute walk to the check-in desks making Meet and Greet the best choice for the closest car parks at Luton Airport.

Park & Ride: Park and Ride services are the perfect way of saving some money whilst still receiving a fast and efficient airport parking service at Luton. Luton Airport Short Run is only £45.49 and just 5 minutes away from the terminal! You simply drop your car and hop on the bus and you'll be at the airport in no time at all.

Airparks is renowned for cheap car parking and the transfers are only 14 minutes, so if you're happy to head to a secure car park, away from the busy airport and hop on a transfer bus, this is the perfect option.

If you're looking for a faster service, Airparks Return Greet things up a bit as on your way home, a friendly-faced chauffeur brings your car to the airport for you so you can just jump in and drive off.

Meet and Greet car parking at Luton Airport

If you're keen for speed and even a little bit of luxury, book your parking with either one of BCP's Luton Meet and Greet services. It can sometimes be more expensive but with such comparable prices, it's often not too different from Park & Ride nowadays.

Airparks Meet and Greet service is the ultimate in great value-for-money. You simply drive to the airport terminal, where you will be met by your chauffeur. Whilst they take the stress out of parking, you walk through the terminal doors to check in. Your car will be ready and waiting for you at the terminal on your return. An alternative to Airparks is Stress-Free Parking Meet and Greet service. As the name suggests, it really is stress-free. Drive to the Short Stay car park where you will be met by the driver and upon your return your car will be ready for you to load with your luggage, in the exact same place. Easy!

Luton Airport car parking information

Security: All of our parking at Luton Airport is safe and secured; all car parks have perimeter fencing and 24-hour CCTV. Airparks holds the Park Mark award for secured parking, presented by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Disabled customers: We have plenty of options for disabled airport parking. Please see our individual Luton airport car parks for disabled facilities.