Luton Airport Parking Advice

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  • Airport or independent car parking?
  • Park and ride or other services?
  • When is the best time to book?

There are plenty of options available for Luton airport parking and there are a few easy-to-answer questions which help speed up the decision making process.

What makes some services cheaper?

Most people like to shop for their parking by prices but if you opt for the cheapest Luton parking service, does this get reflected in the service? Airport parking prices for the standard services are usually based around the transfer times between the car park and the airport terminal, so Short Stay car parks located at the terminal are the most expensive, while off-airport car parks are the cheapest. Make a note of the transfer times when comparing because quite often an off-airport car park might only be located just outside the airport perimeter meaning the transfer times are only a couple of minutes more than the official on-airport parking.

If saving money is your top priority, an off-airport option such as Airparks Luton or Carparkz is ideal - not far from the airport but a great price. Or, if being as close as possible to the terminal is more important to you, then book an on-airport parking spaces, like the Luton Mid Stay Car Park and Luton Airport Priority Parking.

How to choose a parking service

The primary differences in services can be summarised as Park and Ride, Meet and Greet and Short Term parking:

Park and Ride is a bus transfer service from the car park to the airport terminal. The buses are included in the price of your booking. Compare transfer times and also the frequency of the buses to understand the difference in prices.

Meet and Greet car parking cuts out the need for a transfer bus. You can drive straight to Luton Airport terminal, pull up in the designated drop off area where you will be met by a chauffeur driver from the company you have chosen. You will pass your keys to them so they can take your car to the nearby car park while you head to check-in. When you return after your journey, the chauffeur will bring your car back to the terminal for you to collect. This is a premium service that makes everything as speedy and convenient as possible for you.

Short Term Parking is the only car park which allows you to park your own car and walk to the terminal. It can be booked for any period of time but is more expensive than the park and ride options. Take a look at our Luton Airport Short Term parking page for more details.

Luton Airport parking tips

No less than 10 million passengers storm Luton airport every year so here's a little advice how to make it your journey run smoothly and how to make sure you get the best deal:

  • Book in advance! If you can, book at least 30 days before you fly for the best prices
  • Make sure you are booking with a company with a proven customer support service (like BCP!)
  • Compare transfer times and bus frequency as well as prices
  • Investigate charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Check to see if the parking providers will need to take your car keys
  • If you book an off-airport parking service, make sure you have some directions (we include this with our booking confirmation)
  • Always include a cancellation waiver in your booking –you never know when you are going to need it
  • Check out the Luton Airport hotels with parking deals
  • Check the traffic reports around Luton Airport before you head out
  • Book your parking times and plan your journey assuming you need to be at Luton Airport at least 2 hours before you fly