Security Statement


All bookings made and information submitted on this website is secure and confidential, the secure server software SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encrypts all information you enter before it is sent to us.
A secure page (one protected by a SSL certificate) encrypts the data sent between you and our web server - regardless of whether it is credit card details, or your email address.

The information is only de-encrypted when it reaches our server, when information is sent to us it is scrambled ensuring no one can understand the content except for our webserver, which unscrambles it and turns it back into what you initially wrote.

Customers can identify our site security by the small padlock situated in the browser's address bar, which is followed by a https:// address. Firewall security software is also in place to protect our internal information from the Internet.
Live records of your personal details or credit card information is not stored on our web servers after your booking transaction has been completed.