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Edinburgh Airport Parking

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£44.99for 8 days parking (?)

  • BCP's Edinburgh airport parking is rated 92% by 2,458 customer reviews
  • Great prices for Edinburgh airport parking, from £5.62 per day
  • Choose from 9 Edinburgh parking options
  • Price-checked to the be cheapest available
  • Secured compounds for your peace of mind
  • Meet and Greet & Park and Ride services

Exquisite as Edinburgh may be, you’d be forgiven for occasionally wanting to head off for a warm retreat. Parking at Edinburgh airport is a small but necessary step towards such sunnier climes, and here at BCP we help to make it totally hassle-free. BCP provides great airport parking advice for some helpful hints and tips.

Edinburgh Airport Parking
Airport car park Price (8 days) Transfer Customer Rating
Low Cost Flying Scot Edinburgh Airport Low Cost Flying Scot Edinburgh Airport £44.99 (?)6 mins8.6/10
PremiAir Parking at Edinburgh Airport PremiAir Parking at Edinburgh Airport £53.99 (?)3 mins9.6/10
Flying Scot Edinburgh Airport Flying Scot Edinburgh Airport £56.00 (?)3 mins8.4/10
Edinburgh Secure Air Parks Edinburgh Secure Air Parks £57.99 (?)2 mins9/10
Edinburgh Scotpark Edinburgh Scotpark £61.99 (?)5 minsNo Reviews
Park and Fly Edinburgh airport Park and Fly Edinburgh airport £61.99 (?)7 mins8.4/10
Edinburgh Long Term parking Edinburgh Long Term parking £61.99 (?)2 mins8.4/10
Edinburgh Meet and Greet Airport Parking
Airport car park Price (8 days) Transfer Customer Rating
Maple Manor Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport Maple Manor Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport £61.99 (?)within walking distance8.4/10
Park and Fly Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport Park and Fly Meet and Greet Edinburgh Airport £61.99 (?)7 mins8.8/10
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Edinburgh car parks

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Sometimes booking a hotel and parking deal as a single package can be cheaper than booking airport parking on it's own. Take a look and compare our wide range of hotels with parking deals, to save time and money before your flight.

All BCP Edinburgh Airport parking is covered by our Price Protection policy, so you can be sure of paying the lowest prices on the market.

Off-airport parking at Edinburgh

As Scotland’s largest airport, Edinburgh boasts an exceptionally low-cost parking package with Park and Fly Edinburgh Airport. This is an off-airport car park, yet the short transfer – just 5 to 10 minutes - makes it a really convenient choice. And, in case the ridiculously low price doesn’t sway you, Park and Fly can even wash your car for you while you’re away. So if the sun isn’t shining when you come home, at least your car will be!

Or, if you want to save even more time with off-airport parking at Edinburgh, opt for Edinburgh Secure Air Parks. Transfers are the most frequent you’ll find – arriving every 5 to 10 minutes - and they get you to the airport in just 60 seconds! With the transfer time at this off-airport car park being even quicker than that of its on-airport counterpart, Secure Air Parks is the obvious choice for frequent flyers. It’s fast and cost-effective, and the price is pretty slick too.

Meet and Greet Parking at Edinburgh

Park and Fly Meet and Greet car parking at Edinburgh Airport is the simplest way to begin your holiday – and makes for a lightning-speed getaway on your return too. You don’t have to bother with the hassle of car parks at Edinburgh airport at all; all you have to do is drive to the airport, where a driver will meet you and take your car off your hands to park it. At the end of your holiday, your car will be brought back to you, nicely warmed up and ready for you to drive home.

Cheap parking at Edinburgh Airport:

If you're shopping for the cheapest airport parking and you prefer to spend your pennies on your actual holiday, rather than on the (somewhat less glamorous) Edinburgh airport car parks, Park and Fly Edinburgh is the car park to opt for. However, if transfer speed is high on your priority list, you can book an advance purchase package with Secure Air Parks for only a little extra, and be sure to save a lot of time. All of the choices for parking in Edinburgh airport are great value for money, so the choice is really up to you.

Edinburgh Airport parking information

Security: All BCP’s airport parking at Edinburgh is fully secured with 24-hour CCTV and fencing. Some car parks hold the Park Mark award for security from the police; please see the individual car park pages for more information.

Disabled customers: We have plenty of disabled airport parking on offer, please see our individual airport car parks at Edinburgh for the disabled facilities available.

Note: You can book parking for any length of time at all Edinburgh airport car parks.

Comparing Transfers

All BCP Edinburgh airport car parks are exceptionally good value for money and very efficient, which just leaves you deciding how to spend all that saved time and money.

Secure Air Parks

Are you the type of person who prefers to live life in the slow lane? Well, unfortunately, you’ll have to save it for the departure lounge, as none of the transfer buses from the Edinburgh airport car parks take long enough for you to zone out. Edinburgh Secure Air Parks whizzes you to the airport in just 60 seconds!

Flying Scot Edinburgh Airport Parking

There are two car parks owned by Flying Scot and transfer times vary slightly depending on whether you go for the normal service or the low-cost option. Buses from the normal car park take just 3 minutes while the Low Cost Flying Scot transfers take around 5-10 minutes.

Edinburgh Park and Fly

However, if you’d rather have a moment or two to gather your thoughts, you can enjoy a slightly lengthier journey of 5 to 10 minutes with Park and Fly Edinburgh airport, which is also the cheapest airport parking at Edinburgh.