Humberside Airport Parking FAQs

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Booking Humberside airport parking with BCP is a smart move. But before you confirm your booking, it’s important to make sure that we’ve answered any queries you might have. We hope you find what you need in this list of frequently asked questions.

About our pricing

Question: If I find a BCP product listed cheaper elsewhere after booking, can I get a refund?

Answer: In the unlikely event that you do manage to find one of our products at a better price within seven days of booking, we’ll simply refund the difference, thanks to our Price Protection policy.

On arrival at Humberside Airport

Question: What should I do with my car keys once I’ve parked – keep hold of them or hand them in?

Answer: As we only offer self-park options at Humberside Airport, you should keep hold of your keys.

Question: Do I need to arrange transport to get from the car park to the Humberside Airport terminal?

Answer: No. Humberside On Airport Parking is only a few minutes’ walk away from the terminal entrance, so no transport is needed.

Question: I’m concerned about leaving my car while I’m away – is the security in BCP’s car parks sufficient?

Answer: We feel that the security in our car parks is more than sufficient; we have an excellent security record, and all our facilities have been inspected and commended by the police, thanks to the following measures:

  • Rugged security fences
  • CCTV throughout parking areas
  • Regular checks by security staff
  • Barriers at all entrances and exits

Helpful extra services

Question: Do BCP provide any Humberside airport hotels?

Answer: At present, we don’t provide hotels at Humberside Airport.

Question: Is it possible to purchase travel insurance with my parking?

Answer: We don’t sell insurance, but Holiday Extras, our official partners, supply comprehensive travel cover at discounted prices to BCP customers.