East Midlands Airport Parking FAQs

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If you’re unsure about anything concerning East Midlands airport parking, the answer to your query may well be covered in this list of frequently asked questions. Of course, the BCP customer service team will be pleased to provide any information you can’t find here.

About our Price Protection

Question: How does the BCP Price Protection policy work?

Answer: If you book with BCP, then find the same product cheaper through another provider within seven days, we’ll make sure you’re not out of pocket by refunding the difference. Terms and conditions apply.

Once you Arrive at East Midlands Airport

Question: Is it normal to keep my car keys once I’ve parked, or should I hand them in to a member of staff?

Answer: Most of the car parks at East Midlands Airport do not require you to leave your keys behind. The only exception is:

This is a valet parking service, so our drivers need your keys to park your car for you!

Question: Do I have to arrange my own transfers between the car park and the airport?

Answer: No. Where transfers are required, they are included in the booking price. The following services are within walking distance of the airport terminal entrance, and so do not include transfers:

Question: How can I be sure my car will be safe for the duration of my holiday?

Answer: You can rest assured that our car parks are among the safest places to leave your car while you’re away. They have all been inspected by the police and judged to be worthy of their Park Mark, thanks to the following security measures:

  • CCTV surveillance throughout
  • Brightly-lit parking bays
  • Barriers at all entrances and exits
  • Regular patrols of parking areas by staff

About our Additional Services

Question: Do you provide East Midlands airport hotels?

Answer: Yes, we offer a choice of hotels within easy reach of East Midlands Airport, most of which include parking and transfers.

Question: Can I add travel insurance to my booking?

Answer: Yes. Our partners, Holiday Extras, provide travel insurance at discounted rates to BCP customers.