UK Airport Park and Ride

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Fast transfers, friendly service & you still save money

Park and Ride is the most common type of airport parking and since our very first Park and Ride service was in 1978, we are pretty confident we have developed a portfolio that not only covers all major airports in the UK but also puts a firm tick in the boxes for lowest price and quality products.

Airport Park and Ride

BCP support the best independent parking providers, this encourages a little healthy competition which allows us to bring the best deals to you. Most of these independent Park and Ride car parks are located off-site, whereas those services located within the airport grounds tend to be official airport car parks; both on and off-site options however, offer very competitive prices.

Don’t be fooled in thinking the car parks located off-site will have longer travelling times to the airport terminal, due to the size of some of the UK airports, this isn't always the case. Transfer times vary so just because a car park is off-site it doesn't mean the transfer will be longer than those on-site, therefore it’s always worth checking out the various options we have available to you.

Perks of Park and Ride

It’s fair to say Park and Ride services generally offer the cheapest type of airport parking. This is due to the transfers, which for some people, may not be as convenient as our Meet and Greet airport parking or car parks that are within walking distance of the terminal. However for those leisurely travellers who don't have the time constraints that others may face or for those looking to make the best possible saving, Park and Ride is absolutely ideal.

  • Cheapest of all services
  • Safe, secure car parks
  • Avoid the busy airport traffic
  • Fast, frequent transfers
  • Reliable services
  • Dropped close to the terminal doors

The best prices available can often be found with the car parks that are located outside of the airport grounds. Not only because in some cases the transfer times can be a little longer but also because providers are conscious that unless you’re sat nav savvy, their car parks are not always as easy to find as the car parks located on-site at the airport and so they reflect this in their prices. Fear not though BCP have location maps and clear, accurate directions for every car park we sell.

With such a wide variety of services, you needn't worry because BCP have all your needs covered. Transfers are frequent, running as little as every few minutes, or even on demand, and none more than 20 minutes apart. The transfer times are very short and always very reliable as we work only with professional car parks that are close to the airports or within the airport grounds. So you can begin your holiday sitting comfortably aboard the transfer bus, escaping the stress of the airport traffic, knowing your car is parked in a safe and secure car park.

Arrivals and departures

Every car park has there own protocol for arrivals and departures, but fear not, each is as easy as the next and when you book with BCP we detail the procedure clearly for each car park.

Arrival - Some car parks have arrival bays where you will simply leave your car and while you hop onto the transfer bus the professional staff will park your car securely for you. Other car parks will allow you to keep your keys, so all you will need to do is find a space in the car park and then walk to the closest stop to board the bus.

Departure - Upon your return the bus will pick you up outside of the terminal, in the same place it dropped you off. If you have left your keys you will need to collect them from reception where your car will be waiting for you to load up and get going. If you parked your car and have your keys, you can proceed straight to your car and set off on your journey home.