Prestwick Airport Parking FAQs

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Prestwick airport parking is pretty straightforward with BCP. However, occasionally customers have enquiries about our services, so we’ve assembled this list of frequently asked questions to hopefully save you the hassle of contacting our customer service team.

Getting the best price on airport parking

Question: How does BCP’s Price Protection policy work?

Answer: Once you’ve booked with us, we guarantee we won’t be beaten on price. In the unlikely event that you find the product you’ve booked cheaper elsewhere within seven days, we’ll gladly refund the difference in price.

After you’ve parked at Prestwick Airport

Question: Are my car keys needed by staff at the car park, or should I take them with me on holiday?

Answer: There are no valet parking services at Prestwick Airport, so there’s no need to leave your keys with parking staff. Just make sure that you know where they are once you return from your trip!

Question: Do the car park prices include transfers to the airport terminal?

Answer: All of our car parks at Prestwick are within walking distance of the terminal entrance, with the exception of Prestwick Airport Watsons Ayr Park, which includes bus transfers in the price. These transfers take around ten minutes and run 24 hours a day.

Question: Will my car be securely looked after for the duration of my holiday?

Answer: Our car parks have been rigorously inspected by the police, and found to be among the most secure in the UK. Security measures in place include:

  • Brightly lit parking bays
  • Monitored CCTV
  • Security staff carry out regular patrols
  • Sturdy barriers at all entrances and exits

Additional services at Prestwick Airport

Question: Are there any hotels near to Prestwick Airport?

Answer: The Manor Park Hotel is within walking distance of Prestwick Airport, and includes parking for up to 15 days in the booking price.

Question: Do BCP offer travel insurance?

Answer: We don’t sell travel insurance directly, but our partners, Holiday Extras, have some fantastic deals available for BCP customers.