Aberdeen Airport Parking Advice

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  • Airport or independent car parking?
  • Park and ride or other services?
  • When is the best time to book?

Follow our best advice on Aberdeen airport parking in order to get the best deal for your car. Particularly booking in advance should be a top priority on your agenda, as pre-booking can give you huge savings compared to paying the on-gate parking price on the day of arrival. Besides, business or leisure travellers who are planning to get back to Aberdeen only after several weeks could get a convenient long term deal, offered by Aberdeen Airport Long Stay Parking.

How to Choose a Parking Service

You will not have a problem with Aberdeen airport parking if you are able to understand the different options available. First of all, you have to choose between on-airport and off-airport parks, depending on your budget and time schedule. An off-airport park such as Aberdeen Airpark will save you a few extra pounds but would require you to spend some time for transfer to and from the airport. Of course, regular transfer is provided. On the other hand, on-airport options such as Aberdeen Airport Long Stay Parking might be a bit more expensive but would be ideal for those passengers who do not want to waste a minute before checking-in.

Aberdeen Airport Parking Tips

Aberdeen airport is not only one of the most popular hubs in Scotland, but also a busy heliport, serving millions of passengers flying for British and overseas destinations. This is the best advice we can you give you on Aberdeen airport parking:

  • Book in advance if you want to make a cheap and secure deal
  • Make sure you choose a quality booking company offering excellent customer service
  • Compare services and prices as appropriate
  • Investigate possible differences in charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Get a cancellation waiver - might be useful in the case of an emergency
  • Check for hotels with parking space

Aberdeen Airport hotels with parking

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