Newcastle Airport Parking Advice

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Newcastle Airport parking is simple if you're prepared and have chosen the right car park for you. Take a look at some simple hints and tips on how to get the most out of your airport parking.

What makes some Newcastle airport parking cheaper?

The price of a car park is calculated on account of how much time it takes to get between the the car park and the terminal, the further away it is, the cheaper it will be. Many people prefer to pay more to be able to park closer to the check-in, but you should compare transfer times, because often the off-airport car parks are not that much further away. If you are just looking for the cheapest airport parking, then for the sake of some extra time on a shuttle bus, you can save more cash for a holiday cocktail.

How to Choose a Parking Service

You can categorize the main parking choices as on-airport, off-airport and meet and greet. It just depends whether your priority is time, ease or budget.

On-Airport: Parking at the airport is ideal for anyone with proximity high on the agenda. The closest car park to the terminal that we offer is the Long Stay Newcastle Airport, which is just 1 minute away on a transfer.

Off-Airport: If you want to save a few quid and don't mind spending 5 minutes on a shuttle bus then Airparks Newcastle Airport is the one for you. Parking off-airport might take you a little longer to get there but at least your wallet will be grateful.

Meet and Greet: The ultimate parking time-saver! With Meet and Greet Newcastle Airport, you will be greeted at the terminal by a chauffeur who will help you with your luggage, take your keys and park your car for you. Upon your return they will return your car to you, so you can make a speedy exit.

Newcastle Airport Parking Tips

Newcastle airport is reachable by train from the city centre of Newcastle, but that does not mean that booking a parking space at the airport is a hassle-free task. Besides, Newcastle airport is used by more than three million passengers every year. This is the best advice that we can give you here at BCP regarding Newcastle airport parking:

  • Booking in advance to get the very best price for your parking
  • Opt for a quality booking company with a good customer service… like BCP
  • Check for differences in the range of services and prices offered
  • Do not forget to include a cancellation waiver – there is a good chance that you might need it sooner than later
  • Check the charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Look for hotels with parking space
  • Check the traffic announcements before you travel
  • Make sure you have the directions to the car park- we do include them in your booking confirmation
  • Book your parking with the assumption that you have to be at check-in 2 hours before departure