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Newcastle Medium Stay

  • BCP's Newcastle Medium Stay is rated 94% by 24
  • Official Mid Stay car park at Newcastle Airport
  • Just a two minute walk to the terminal
  • Automatic number plate recognition service
  • Well sign-posted as you approach the airport
  • Keep your keys

About Newcastle Mid Stay

Newcastle Mid-Stay is a safe and convenient car park just a two minute walk from the terminal and great for use over a few hours or several days.

Arrival procedures

With Newcastle Mid-Stay, it's as simple as 'turn-up' and 'park-up'. If you've made a booking online, just drive up to the barrier, which will open after reading your number plate. Parking without a reservation is just as easy - press the marked button for a ticket and enter the park, remembering to safely store the ticket for later validation when leaving. If there are any problems, simply press the intercom button, and an attendant will be ready to help. After parking up, it's just a two minute walk to the terminal!

Upon your return

If you made an online booking, leaving the park is as simple as when your arrival. Just drive up to the exit and the barrier will open after reading your number plate.

Disabled facilities

There are spaces specially reserved for disabled badge holders located close to the entrance of the park. Please remember that these are of course subject to availability.

Security at the Newcastle Mid-Stay

The Newcastle Mid-stay is fitted with all the staple security measures you would expect from an airport car park, including 24 hour CCTV monitoring and regular patrols. For added security, there is the number plate recognition system that allows ease of access for customers who have booked their place online.

Transfers to and from Newcastle airport

There's no need for transfers as the terminal is just a two minute walk away!

Address & Directions to Newcastle Mid-Stay

The car park is easy to find, situated immediately the entrance to Newcastle international airport Short stay car parks 1 and 2.

Additional information for Newcastle Mid-Stay Parking

With Newcastle Medium stay, the first 15 minutes are free, so this is the perfect parking option if you just want quickly drop off some friends at the airport.