Stansted Airport Parking Advice

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We have a great selection of Stansted Airport parking, but it can be difficult to work out which one to choose. We have compiled some information to help you with your decision making.

What makes some services cheaper?

A lot of people choose their parking according to the price, the cheapest Stansted parking is usually located the furthest away. Price is generally calculated on transfer time, therefore the on-site car parks are more expensive than the off-airport car parks. It's worth noting that often the off-airport are situated just outside of the airport and the transfer times are not that much longer than the on-site car parks.

Choosing an off-airport car park such as Jetparks is perfect for the budget-conscious, because you get off-site prices and the transfer time is not much longer than than the on-site transfer times. If proximity to the terminal is more important than price then take a look and compare the on-site car parks Mid Stay parking and Long Stay Parking.

How to Choose a Parking Service

The car parking services can be differentiated by on-airport, off-airport and the meet and greet service.

On-Airport: Compare our on-airport services at Stansted airport. You will still need to get on one of the free transfer buses from the car park to the terminal and they run at different times.

Off-airport: Parking in an off-airport car park can often work out the cheapest option and the transfer times are comparable to the on-airport transfer times. Take a look and see if it's the perfect option for you.

Meet and Greet: Booking a meet and greet service is the ultimate time-saver! All you need to do is drive yourself up to the terminal where you will be met by a uniformed chauffeur. Once they've unloaded your luggage for you, you can hand over your keys and make your way to the check-in. Your car will be parked in a secured compound not far from the airport and then returned to you on your return, so you can make your way home without haste.

Stansted Airport Parking Tips

Although Stansted Airport has only one terminal, it is one of the busiest airports in Europe due to its proximity to London. Our best advice on Stansted Airport parking will help you make a reservation that suits your preferences:

  • Book in advance - At least 30 days in advance for the best prices
  • Find a quality booking company with excellent customer support - like BCP
  • Compare transfer times and prices
  • Check for charges regarding transfers and over-staying
  • Include a cancellation waiver in your booking
  • Find a hotel with parking space available
  • Check directions to the car park - We do include them in your booking confirmation
  • See our Stansted Airport hotel and parking deals
  • Check the traffic reports before you set off
  • Book your parking time with the assumption that you need to be at the check-in at 2 hours before you fly