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There is nothing better than the thought of starting your holiday early, with a Heathrow airport hotel, you can do exactly that. Instead of spending the early hours of the morning on the motorway, with bags under your eyes bigger than your luggage, you could be spending that time tucked up in a comfortable bed just meters away from your terminal.

With so many hotels to compare, whether it's proximity, budget or luxury you're looking for, we're bound to have something to suit every type of traveler.

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The perks of staying in one of the hotels near Heathrow airport far outweigh any reason not to. Not only are our hotels cheap but when paired with parking the saving can be even more considerable, many include a complimentary, all important breakfast before you set off, and what’s more, you are only minutes from the terminal so there is no worry of traffic and journey times.


It’s no secret that Heathrow is a pretty busy place, the busiest airport in Europe by way of passenger traffic in fact. With all those passengers passing through 5 different terminals, it’s fair to say there needs to be a substantial amount of hotels at Heathrow airport, and luckily there is.

By knowing which terminal you're flying from before you book will help streamline your results as some hotels are better suited to a particular terminal in terms of distance and transport. However, we do also have plenty of hotels that are within easy reach of all 5 of them.

Whether your flight is early morning, you are connecting to another flight, or you’d simply like to cut out a little bit of stress and start your holiday early, there is always somewhere close to your terminal to lay your head.

Hotels near Heathrow Terminal 2 and Terminal 3

T2 and T3 are very close to each other so the hotel choices and have lots of hotels that are especially close to them:

Hilton Garden Inn 4-star- connected to terminal 2: What could be more convenient if you're flying from terminal 2 than staying in a hotel that's actually connected to the Terminal? Better yet, there's fresh and modern rooms, a delicious on-site restuarant and even a rooftop bar.

Park Inn 3-star - 10 minutes to the terminal: This hotel is brilliant for direct access to both and can be booked with on-site parking. Great for families as there are play areas, children's fun packs and under 8's eat for free in the restaurant.

Renaissance 4-star - 5 minutes from the terminal: The hotel is located so close to these terminals that it's right beside the runway. Enjoy the plentiful facilities in this luxurious hotel, like the impressive gym, join in one of the exercise classes, or pamper yourself in the beauty salon.

Thistle 3-star - 10 minutes from the airport: Perfectly located between all terminals, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in a contemporary room with free wifi.

Hotels near Heathrow Terminal 4

Hilton T4 4-star - connected to the terminal: When looking for hotels at Terminal 4 Heathrow, you couldn't get much closer than this hotel. Not only does this sophisticated hotel exude extravagance, it's also connected to Terminal 4 via a covered walkway. Spend your evening in the modernistic gym, spa and indoor swimming pool or relax with a cocktail at the bar. Parking won't be an issue either, as the on-site car park is located opposite the hotel entrance.

Hotels near Heathrow Terminal 5

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for Heathrow hotels at terminal 5. Compare our range of hotels from luxury to budget:

Premier Inn T5 3-star - 1 mile away from the terminal: The hotel offers you everything you would expect from the brand name and more. The basic yet comfortable and stylish rooms have everything you need for a refreshing night's rest.

Holiday Inn express 3- star - 10 minutes on a Hoppa bus to check-in: You know what to expect from this trusted brand, great-value with everything you need and no added frills. It's great for families with young children as it is only a short distance from Legoland and the hotel has a kids area with an x-box in the lobby.

Hilton T5 4-star - 2 miles from the airport: For those looking for a more opulent stay, the hotel is every bit of exorbitance you would expect from the luxury chain. With plenty of things to keep you occupied and relaxed before your flight, like the gym, spa and fine dining, it's the perfect hotel for a bit of escapism.

Sofitel hotel 5-star - connected to the terminal This 5-star gem is connected to the terminal via a covered walkway, and boasts a huge wealth of amenities. Indulge yourself in the spa or hair salon, pick up some last minute holiday treats in the on-site shops, or relax in one of the hotels restaurants or bars.

Cheap Hotels at Heathrow Airport

There are plenty of options available to you when looking for cheap hotels at Heathrow Airport. Just by booking in advance with BCP we can guarantee to save up to 60% off. Prices start from £35 but the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be and we will always do our utmost to deliver the absolute lowest prices. If you are looking to book both Heathrow hotel and parking, it is best to do so as a single package, as it can give you even bigger discounts.

Easy hotel 2-star - 15 minutes to the airport: If you are looking for a no-frills but comfortable night's rest, then a 2-star hotel is the ideal option. The Easy Hotel at Heathrow Airport is located just 15 minutes from the terminal, offering basic and clean accommodation. Situated in the peaceful countryside, so you can enjoy the quiet rural setting or perhaps work-out in the small but free of charge on-site gym.

There are also lots of budget-priced 3-star hotels for you to compare:

Comfort Inn 3-star - 10 minutes to the airport: You will surprised at how much you get for your money at the Comfort Inn, with large spacious rooms and a free gym. It's great for families, as children under 11 eat for free, they can then enjoy the play area which includes lego, an Xbox and a playstation 3.

Ibis 3-star - 2.3 miles to the airport: The hotel operates a 24-hour service, fill up at the all-you-can-eat buffet, before a peaceful night's rest in your comfortable room.

Undercover hotels: Booking one of our 3 or 4-star Undercover hotels will give you a substantial discount. You won't know the name of the hotel until you have booked it, but at least it helps you decide where to stay and gives you more money for the holiday fund.

Hotels Connected to Heathrow Airport:

  • The ultra modern Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Terminal 2 is connected to T2 by a walkway and is also ideally placed if you're flying from Terminal 3.
  • If you're flying from Terminal 5, you'll find the luxurious Sofitel - which is connected to T5 by a covered walkway - is just the ticket.

Heathow Hotels and Parking

Booking your hotel and parking at Heathrow Airport as a single package, is the best way to save money. Many of the hotels we offer, have on-site parking that you can use for the duration of your holiday. If they don't have on-site parking, many hotel chains have partnerships with parking companies so you can get discounted rates.

Hotels with on-site Parking

Arora International 4-star - 1.8 miles from the airport:The hotel has parking underneath the building. You can park for free during your stay at the hotel and then book a parking package for the duration of your holiday.

Sheraton 4-star - 5 minutes from the airport: Here you can get a great hotel and parking deal, and then just pay for a Hoppa bus, which goes to all 4 terminals. >/p>

Thistle 4-star - 10 minutes to the terminals: This hotel is located within perfect distance of all terminals and has 600 spaces in their on-site car park.

Hotel and Independent Parking Deals

For hotels without an on-site car park, you can still get a great-value Heathrow hotel with parking deal. All you will need to do is drive to the car park after your hotel stay, and then hop on a transfer bus to the terminal - it's as easy as that. Put your parking dates into the booking engine to see which hotels are available with these external parking companies.

Official Heathrow Long Stay 1 & 3 7-15 minute transfer to the airport: With transfers running every 10 minutes, you can leave your car in this fully secured compound, knowing that you will be checking-in in no time.

Purple Parking Meet and Greet drive straight to the terminal: If you would prefer to let someone else do the parking for you, then this service is ideal. A chauffeur will collect your car from you, park it in the Purple Parking car park, and then return it to you upon your return at the terminal, so you can make a speedy exit.

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