Southampton Airport Innovation Awards

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BAA Southampton's engineers have been awarded a top prize for saving energy at the airport by hundreds of engineering specialists from across BAA's UK airports.

The airport engineers were given the prestigious award for "sourcing new and innovative ways of saving energy using efficient lighting systems." The engineers were competing against a number of energy saving efforts across BAA.

The new lighting systems at BAA Southampton Airport have been installed across the airport and have provided enormous savings in energy use, carbon emissions and cost. The LED light gives off very little glare and is ideal for use in clean and functional environments. The light uses a low voltage with efficient power use and minimal heat production - substantially cutting down on the use of energy.

As a result of the new lights, CO2 emissions from powering the lighting have been reduced by around 75% in comparison to conventional lighting. The lights can offer 10 years of continuous usage.

Southampton Airport was itself awarded a 'City Champions Award for Innovation' by Business Southampton. The award was given for the airport's Solar Powered Roundabout which, completely solar powered, uses LEDs to provide street lighting.

Head of Engineering at Southampton Airport, Paul Burcombe stated: "Energy conservation is a real focus for us at Southampton Airport. I am so proud to work with this team and to win accolades for projects we've pioneered."

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