East Midlands Airport Parking Advice

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East Midlands airport parking for those travelling from Nottingham and the surrounding areas can be quite easy - especially with the booking service of BCP. The first thing you have to check is whether you want to park on or off the airport. Off-airport parks such as Airparks East Midlands are not located within the airport zone and therefore are quite cheap, whereas on-airport ones, such as East Midlands Prestige Parking, are more suitable for those travellers who want to leave their car as close to the airport as possible.

How to Choose a Parking Service

Understanding the range of different options available will always leave you better-off. In terms of time-saving the most convenient offer is Meet and Greet, available by East Midlands Airport Stress-Free Parking. A chauffer will relieve you from the task of parking your car upon departure and will also deliver it back to you when you get back at Newcastle. Another important decision you have to make is whether you prefer a cheap long term deal, such as East Midlands Airport Long Stay Car Park 2 or the slightly more expensive short term one, such as East Midlands Airport Short Stay Car Park.

East Midlands Airport Parking Tips

Quite a few passengers reach Nottingham East Midlands airport with their car, as there is no direct access by train. Therefore, you might need some of the best advice BCP can give you on East Midlands airport parking:

  • Booking in advance always saves time
  • A quality booking company offering professional customer service is a must
  • Investigate the range of services and prices offered
  • Check for charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Include a cancellation waiver– might prove a wise decision
  • Check for hotels with parking space available