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ACE Meet And Greet At Birmingham Airport

  • BCP's ACE Meet And Greet At Birmingham Airport is rated 78% by 35 customer reviews
  • Approximately just 30 pounds more than typical Park and Rides
  • Park outside Departures
  • No transfers - no waiting around
  • A more personal service with real customer care

About ACE Meet and Greet

ACE Meet and Greet offer a very competitively priced service at Birmingham Airport. This is a straight-forward service operating from the terminal with a chauffeur driver who collects and parks your car for you - no need for transfer buses or waiting around.

Upon your arrival at Birmingham Airport

Call ACE Parking about 20 minutes before you arrive on the number provided with your BCP booking confirmation so they can be ready waiting for you when you arrive. Park in the Departures car park where a uniformed ACE Parking driver will meet you and collect your car. They will take your car to their nearby, secured car park while you make your way to check-in. Your car will remain here for the duration of your trip.

Upon your return to Birmingham Aiport

Once you have collected your luggage, give ACE Parking another call so they are ready for you. Walk to the car park you where you were met on departure, where your ACE driver and your car will be waiting for you. You will be give a ticket to exit the car park.

Security at ACE Parking

ACE Parking drivers are fully insured and the car park is fenced off with CCTV, floodlights and barriers and operates regular security patrols to help ensure the safe-keeping of all vehicles on site.

Disabled facilities/procedures

If you hold a Blue Badge, please let ACE Parking know when you call. You an park in the disabled parking bays at terminal, just on the left as you enter the car park. You will need to display your Blue Badge in your vehicle.

More information about using ACE Meet and Greet

ACE Parking are not held responsible if your vehicle is not road taxed or if it does not have a valid MOT certificate. They will not able to drive your car to the car park if it does not hold these and you will not be able to claim a refund.

This service is only suitable for regular-sized cars, able to park in standard car parking bays. ACE Meet and Greet cannot provide parking for Minibuses or vhehicles with 8 or more seats.