Liverpool Airport Parking Advice

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You will not have to worry about Liverpool airport parking, especially if you are planning to book in advance. First of all, you have to make up your mind whether you prefer an on-airport park such as Liverpool Premium Parking or a slightly cheaper off-airport one, offered by companies such as Skypark Indoor Airport Parking. On-site parks would suit best the schedule of those who do not want to waste time for transfer to and from the airport, whereas off-site ones will save you a few extra pounds.

How to Choose a Parking Service

It is quite important to investigate and understand the different options offered regarding Liverpool airport parking. For example, a deal that might make you happy if you do not have too much time to spend is the special Meet and Greet one, offered by Liverpool Skypark Meet and Greet. That is a luxurious valet service that saves you the burden of parking yourself your car when you arrive at John Lennon Liverpool airport. Besides, you might want to make a Mid Term deal with Liverpool Airport Mid Stay or a cheaper Long Term one, available by Liverpool Airport Long Stay Parking.

Liverpool Airport Parking Tips

John Lennon Liverpool airport is a quite busy hub, as more than 3 millions passengers use it every year. However, BCP’s booking service will allow you to book a parking space as quickly and safely as possible. This is some of the best advice you can get on Liverpool airport parking:

  • Book in advance!
  • Look for a quality booking company with a good customer service
  • Compare services and prices
  • Check for charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Make sure your deal includes a cancellation waiver
  • Do not forget to look for hotels with parking space available