Compare Airport Parking At Luton

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At Luton Airport there is a huge variety of different parking options, which are set up to suit travellers of different individual needs and requirements. Before you book, it’s worth taking some time to compare airport parking at Luton to work out which would give you the best deal with regards to your particular circumstances.

Short stay airport parking options

If you are only visiting the airport briefly, say to pick up friends or relatives, then the Luton short stay car park will give you best value for money. Longer stays at this car park could be costly, so if you’re going on a trip, long stay car parks will be more suitable. There are a variety of long stay options including Luton Long Stay car park and Airparks Luton. Of these two, Airparks Luton is the least expensive, with an eight day stay costing £39.99, in comparison with £72.99 for Luton Long Stay.

Medium stay parking options

If your trip is of a medium length, then Luton Mid Stay, five minutes away from the airport, is worth considering.

Other parking options

If you’re seeking convenience above all else, meet and greet car parks at Luton offer an extremely efficient, hassle-free service that is not as expensive as you may have imagined. Luton Swift Meet and Greet is £92.99 for eight days, while Park and Fly Luton is £93.20. Both allow you to drive straight to the airport building, where a trained driver will pick up your car, and park it for you. This allows you to stroll straight through into the airport terminal, giving you more time before your flight, and eliminating the need for airport transfers.

All of BCP's Luton Airport parking packages are fully secured, meaning that whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be looked after. Security patrols operate 24 hours per day at all of the car parks that Park BCP uses.