Edinburgh Airport Parking Advice

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  • Choose the service right for your journey
  • Book with a reliable, trusted provider
  • Keep your documents to hand

Don't worry about Edinburgh Airport parking, just check BCP's immaculate booking service which caters to all needs and tastes. Here is some advice on how to make the most out of your airport parking experience.

What makes some services cheaper?

Many of our customers choose their parking service dependent upon the cheapest airport parking price. But is the cheapest the best match to your parking needs? The price of parking is calculated by the amount of time it takes to get from the car park to the terminal. So the further away it is the cheaper it will be, which is why our off-airport options are always the lowest prices. It is worth comparing all transfer times as sometimes the off-airport times are not much longer than those within the airport perimeters.

We have 2 car parks that are near to Edinburgh Airport. The cheapest of the 2 is the Park and Fly Parking car park as it is located 7 minutes away on a transfer. The Secure Airparks car park is a little more expensive as it is only 3 minutes away from the check-in, or you could choose to park your car at Edinburgh Airport in the Official Long Stay car park with is only a comparable 2 minutes away on a transfer bus

How to Choose a Parking Service

The main criteria for your choice would be on-airport, off-airport and the meet and greet service

On-Airport: If proximity is the capital requirement for your airport parking demands, then parking your vehicle at an on-airport car park gives you the assurance that you can park up and be at the check-in in a matter of minutes.

Off-Airport: The cheapest option is to park at one of our off-airport car parks, save some extra pennies with the only cost being a few extra minutes on a shuttle bus.

Meet and Greet: For the very pinnacle in time-saving try one of our meet and greet services. You will be met at the terminal by a professional, uniformed chauffer, who will help you unload your luggage, then take your keys and then park your vehicle for you. On your return they will deliver the car back to you at the terminal, so you can head home without haste.

Edinburgh Airport Parking Tips

Edinburgh airport is arguably Scotland’s busiest hub, with more than 9 million passengers using its services for domestic and overseas destinations. BCP now gives you the chance to make a swift and cheap booking. You can also check some of the best advice you can get on Edinburgh airport parking:

  • Booking in advance will always save you from unnecessary charges and stressful queues
  • Choose a quality booking company offering competent customer service (like BCP)
  • Never forget to identify differences regarding the range of services and prices offered
  • Check charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Take a deal with a cancellation waiver – you never know when you might need it
  • Check for hotels with parking spaces
  • Make sure you have your directions to your car park (we include them in your booking confirmation)
  • Check the traffic updates before you travel
  • Book you parking time with the assumption that you have to be at the check-in about 2 hours in advance of your flight