Gatwick Airport Parking Security

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Gatwick Airport is home to numerous car parks catering for a wide variety of needs. There is secure Gatwick airport parking available for both the North and South Terminals. All of the car parks owned and maintained by Gatwick have excellent parking security for peace of mind whilst you’re on holiday.

On-site Parking Security at Gatwick

The security at on-site car parks is of top quality, but so you can make an informed decision, here are the general security standards for each of the on-site car parks at Gatwick.

Flightpath NCP serves the North Terminal at Gatwick and has just a 3 minute transfer time from the car park to the terminal. Flightpath NCP do not offer disabled facilities at the car park, however they do offer the following security features for safer Gatwick parking:

  • Floodlighting and security fencing
  • CCTV and security patrols by car park staff and Sussex Police
  • Entry and exit barriers and an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system
  • Park Mark Award

Gatwick Summer Special Parking serves both terminals, and is available to be booked through BCP’s online service. The transfers operate 24 hours a day, and take just 6 minutes. The parking security at this compound is excellent, offering the following measures:

  • CCTV coverage in the parking area
  • Floodlighting for added security at night
  • High security fencing around the perimeter

Off-site Parking Security at Gatwick

There is a huge range of off-site parking options for the airport, but here’s a selection of those with the best parking security for Gatwick.

Airparks serve both terminals at Gatwick, and situated just 1.66 miles away, they are able to offer a transfer time of 10 minutes. Airparks Gatwick parking security is very impressive with:

  • CCTV and security lighting
  • Security fencing surrounding the car park and automated barriers
  • Frequent security patrols
  • Park Mark Award