Gatwick Airport

Gatwick terminal and transport information

  • 2 Terminals with Short and Long Stay parking
  • Free monorail between terminals
  • Hotels with parking available

Gatwick airport serves over 80 airlines and flies to nearly 200 destinations worldwide from its two terminals, North and South. Housing the world’s busiest runway, which sees a whopping 55 airline movements per hour, there’s no doubt that Gatwick can be a pretty bustling place.

Situated only 28 miles south of London, Gatwick is extremely accessible, directly linked to the M23 at Junction 9 and to the A23 London to Brighton.

Before arriving at Gatwick airport be sure to check which terminal you will be flying from. Public transport serves both terminals and parking services, and although many serve both terminals can sometimes be terminal specific. Luckily BCP have Gatwick airport parking products that are clearly detailed, with easy procedures so if you choose to drive yourself to the airport, we guarantee an effortless arrival and departure.

BCP have spent 30 years sourcing the best products available, in both quality and price.

Getting to Gatwick by Car

No matter what direction you are coming from to get to Gatwick airport, both terminals are easily accessed. The airport is clearly sign posted to help you navigate to each terminal.

When you book, BCP provide you with easy to follow directions to the airport car park and each product has its own directions page so you can have a little look at the car parks location to make sure you are 100% happy with your decision.

It’s no surprise that the roads surrounding Gatwick can get pretty busy at times, the best way to make you sure arrive at the airport with a smile on your face is to be as organised as you can be.

Access to Gatwick is as follows:

  • From the north:
  • Join the M25 from the M40 (Birmingham, Midlands), the M1 or the A1. Once on the M25 drive west (signposted Heathrow, Gatwick) until J7. Leave the M25 at junction 7 and join the M23.

  • From the west:
  • Take the M4 east towards London and join the M25. Come off the M25 at junction 7. Head south along the M23. From the south west take the M3 and then join the M25. Go eastbound until junction 7. Come off the M25 at junction 7 and join the M23 southbound signposted for Gatwick airport.

  • From the south:
  • Take the A23 north towards the M23. Join the M23 and then continue to junction 9. From the southeast take the M20 west towards London. At junction 3 of the M20 join the M26 signposted for Heathrow and Gatwick. Join the M25 at junction 5. From the M25 take the southbound M23 at junction 7.

  • From the east:
  • Join the M25 using the the A13 or the M11. Head south along the M25 in the Dartford direction. Stay on the motorway through the Dartford Crossing to junction 7. Leave the M25 at junction 7 and head southbound onto the M23 for Gatwick airport.

    GPS Information

    If you are using a satellite navigation system then getting to the Gatwick or a Gatwick airport car park is a doddle. BCP have the specific postcodes for the North and South Terminals. These are provided below. As well as this, each product we provide has a dedicated directions page and when you book, easy to follow directions are emailed to you with your confirmation.

    The postcodes are as follows:

    • North Terminal: RH6 OPJ
    • South Terminal: RH6 ONP

    Gatwick North and South Inter-Terminal Transport

    The North and South terminals are connected via a monorail train system for easy access. The transfer takes roughly 2 minutes and trains are scheduled every 3-4 minutes. Passage from North to South departs from The Avenue shopping floor. Transfer from the South to North departs from the main Departures and Arrivals floor near the major Gatwick Airport train station. The North terminal is clearly sign posted from the South and vice versa, so as long as you follow the signs you'll have no trouble at all.

    Gatwick Airport North and South drop off

    Dropping off passengers at Gatwick is relatively easy, there is a designated drop off area at each of the the terminal forecourts, however it can get fairly busy.

    At Gatwick North Terminal, the drop-off zone is on the lower level between the Sofitel Hotel and the multi-storey car park.

    In the South Terminal, the passenger drop off is also on the lower level.

    You only get a limited time to drop off, the areas are patrolled and you will be asked to move on if you are seen to be taking longer than necessary, therefore you are not able to use this area for collection of passengers.

    Both of the drop off zones are well sign-posted from the approach roads.

    Passenger pick up at Gatwick

    Even at it’s quietest, Gatwick airport is a very busy place, so picking up passengers from outside the terminal isn’t easy.

    The airport doesn’t have a designated pick up area so there a 2 parking options for pick up at Gatwick. The airport offers 2 hours for free in the Long Stay car parks at both the North and South terminal. These car parks have a free and very quick transfer bus that will drop you, and the passengers you are picking up, to and from the terminal.

    Alternatively you can park in the Short Stay car parks, where you will pay for however long you are parked for.

    Gatwick Airport parking services

    With over 30 years experience, it’s no surprise we have a portfolio of Gatwick airport parking to shout about. We have sourced car parks and parking services that accommodate every customer need at Gatwick Airport.

    Valet parking is always a popular option so we have 5 different Meet and Greet services for you to choose from. From a convenience point of view, you won't find better; drive to the airport, unload your luggage and walk to check in whilst your car is parked for you. Your car will be waiting at the terminal on your return.

    The price for this service is obviously slightly more than our Park and Ride packages. Therefore, Park and Ride packages are ideal for those who would like to save a little more money, if you’re not too tight for time then a short transfer is the way to go. We also offer on-site parking, so you can park up, keep your keys and stroll into the terminal.

    With so many options, we are sure you will find the right parking package.

    Each of our services offer impeccable quality on both the customer service and the facilities they provide and all are great value-for-money.

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    Gatwick Airport Hotels

    Not keen on an early morning journey to the airport with or a jet-lagged drive home? Book one of our Gatwick Airport Hotels to spend the morning before you fly enjoying breakfast and a short trip to Departures instead of the usual mad rush. With our Gatwick hotel and parking packages you can enjoy great savings on top of your lie in, and with one quick booking you'll be airport ready.