Gatwick Airport Parking Advice

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To ensure you enjoy convenient and secured Gatwick parking we would first and foremost advise booking a reliable service from an established, professional company (such as BCP!). It is possible to hunt out some very cheap parking near Gatwick but these will rarely have a good transfer service or safe, secured parking facility that you can rely on. With this in mind, we recommend choosing a package from our range of incredible value, hassle-free, Gatwick approved operators.

Is a Park and Ride service for me?

If you’re looking for low-cost Gatwick parking and you’re happy to catch a quick and simple transfer to the terminal then a long stay Park and Ride would be an ideal option for you. In addition to offering some of the cheapest prices throughout the year, all of our Gatwick approved Park and Rides boast top notch security features for peace of mind, fuss-free parking procedures and speedy transfers that take between 10-15 minutes to reach check-in.

All of our Park and Ride operators serve both the North and South terminal. Find out more below:

If you’re flying from the South terminal we would recommend Cophall Parking as you’ll enjoy a slightly shorter transfer compared to the other operators. If you’re flying from the North terminal any of the packages would be a great fit as they boast a similar service and the same transfer time. If you want to opt for a firm customer favourite, be sure to consider our most booked package: Purple Parking. The best budget options are Cophall and APH.

Why choose meet and greet?

This is a service usually chosen by travellers who prefer to skip transfers altogether. Drop your car off outside the terminal and stroll to check-in while a professional driver parks your car in a secured facility near by. On your return your car will be brought to you outside the terminal so you can head home straight away. It makes time-keeping a lot simpler when you don't have to factor in walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus or the transfer time itself. If you have a tight schedule or, alternatively, feel you want to cut out the need for transfers if you’ve got mobility problems or travelling with lots of luggage, a Meet and Greet service is the answer.

Concerned about getting the right terminal?

All of our current long stay Park and Rides and Meet and Greets serve both terminals so there’s no need to worry about picking the correct parking for your departure terminal - simply choose the package that best suits your budget and travel plans.

Gatwick Airport parking tips

BCP's core tips and advice, when booking Gatwick Airport parking, to help you get the best deals and service:

  • Book as soon as you know your flight times
  • Include cancellation protection with your booking (99p with BCP)
  • Check the terminal you are flying from when booking
  • Investigate charges for transfers (sometimes applicable from hotels) and over-staying
  • Compare Gatwick hotels with parking package deals
  • Don't dismiss off-airport car parks - check the transfer times and location
  • Sign up to newsletters (found here) for future airport parking promotions and special offers