BA Bottom For Bags And Delays

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New figures released by the Association of European Airlines show that British Airways ranked 26th out of 28 airlines for punctuality and 24th out of 25 for bag delays from July to September.

Thirty out of every 1,000 BA passengers suffered from baggage delays, and less than 59% of BA flights were on time. By comparison, on Lufthansa flights 16.6 bags per 1,000 passengers were delayed. Lufthansa ranked sixth for punctuality with 84% of flights on time, while 86% of KLM flights were on time.

BA appears to have been hampered by the continuing problems at Heathrow. This summer there were again delays caused by security alerts and faulty baggage systems. It is hoped that congestion at the airport will be eased when Terminal 5 opens next March, and BA will switch the majority of its operations to the new site.

The only airlines to perform worse over the period than BA were TAP Portugal and Spanair.