Wind Turbines For East Midlands Airport

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East Midlands Airport will be the first airport in the UK to install wind turbines after North West Leicester District Council granted the hub permission to install four 31.5 meter turbines.

The turbines are expected to become active from later this year and produce an estimated 225kw each which will save around 850 tonnes of carbon a year. The turbines form part of East Midlands Airport's commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2012 and it is predicted to generate 10% of the airport's energy.

Managing Director of East Midlands Airport, Penny Coates stated: "We are delighted with the news. The four turbines are a step closer to delivering on the promise we made in our Master Plan. In addition to the four wind turbines, we have increased the proportion of energy that comes from renewable sources and introduced a number of environmental measures such as our 'green pier' to reduce the impact on the environment."

East Midlands Airport has spent approximately £3 million pound on environmental initiatives over the past ten years. The airport has recently added 14 brand new destinations to its portfolio including Pisa, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. If you're heading off on holiday from the airport, remember to check with us for the best price on parking at East Midlands Airport.