Greenpeace Protest At Heathrow

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Greenpeace Protest at Heathrow

At Heathrow Airport yesterday (25 February) Greenpeace activists breached security and climbed on to a British Airways Airbus A320 plane to stage a protest.

The Greenpeace activists climbed onto the plane after it had landed at Terminal 1 from Manchester. The protesters unfurled a banner that read "Climate Emergency - No Third Runway" across the plane's tailfin. The protest came hours ahead of a gathering of 3,000 protesters at Westminster to oppose plans to expand the airport.

A Greenpeace spokeswoman stated: "We are here to draw a line in the sand and tell Gordon Brown his new runway must not and will not be built." Three men and and two women were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and being in a restricted area.

Slamming the action as "unlawful and irresponsible, BAA state that: "There is an important debate to be had regarding airport expansion and BAA respects people's democratic right to protest lawfully."

The expansion of Heathrow Airport and the proposal for a third runway is one which has stirred a lot of controversy. While many groups including Greenpeace are set against the idea, airlines and businesses are in favour. Virgin Atlantic founder and president Richard Branson has stated that the expansion is essential for London's future as a global hub and that "Multi-national businesses are likely to move their headquarters away from London if a third runway isn't given the go-ahead."

The government's consultation into the third runway concludes on Wednesday 27th. For all the latest updates and travel news be sure to check back with BCP.