Birmingham Airport Parking Advice

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  • Airport or independent car parking?
  • Park and ride or other services?
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If you're flying from Birmingham, you will definitely need help with Birmingham airport parking. This is where BCP comes in, as our extensive list of on and off-airport parking options will definitely meet your needs. Taking an on-airport parking space, provided by Birmingham Short and Medium Stay Park 1, will give you direct access to the airport, whereas booking with an off-airport park such as Airparks Birmingham will save you a few extra pounds.

What makes some services cheaper?

If you're looking for cheap airport parking, you should check what service is in the price. The price of your parking is calculated upon transfer time between the car park and the terminal. The more expensive car parks are the ones located at the airport, like the Short and Mid stay car parks, and the cheapest car parks are located off site like Airparks Drop and Go. You should make note of your transfer time, as some off-airport car parks offer a transfer time that is comparable to the on-airport transfer times.

How to Choose a Parking Service

Understanding the different options offered is a crucial task in order to book the best service for you. At Birmingham Airport, essentially you are choosing between the following:

  • Parking near the terminal and walking to check-in - Short and Medium Stay car parks
  • Using a park-and-ride service just up the road - Airparks
  • Using a meet and greet service at the drop off point - Stress-Free Meet and Greet

There are 3 Short and Medium Stay Car Parks provided by Birmingham Airport, all in close vicinity of each other, which mean you can park your car and walk to the terminal, or you can choose our most popular option which happens to be the cheapest: Birmingham Stress-free Meet and Greet Parking is the ideal choice. A professional driver will take your car on your arrival at the terminal and bring it back to you on your return.

Birmingham Airport Parking Tips

It goes without saying that booking in advance is something you have to do if you are flying from a busy hub such as Birmingham airport. It will not take you more than a few minutes with the leading booking service of BCP, and we can always give you, for free, the best advice on the subject you will ever need. Here are some extra tips about Birmingham airport parking that you might want to follow:

  • Choose a quality booking company equipped with a decent customer service (like BCP)
  • Compare services and prices
  • Check for additional charges, such as for transfers and over-staying
  • A cancellation waiver is always necessary
  • Check out hotels with parking space available
  • Make sure you know your directions to your car park (we include them in the confirmation)
  • Check out the hotel and parking offers
  • Check the traffic report around Birmingham Airport before you travel
  • Plan your journey on the assumption that you have to be at the airport 2 hours before your flight