Heathrow Airport Parking Advice

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Helpful tips to find the best deal

Booking the right Heathrow Airport Parking product is dependent on many factors; who you’re traveling with, the amount of time you have to get to the airport, how much luggage you’re taking, your budget...the list goes on.

BCP aim to make your decision as easy as possible by giving you all the airport parking advice you need to make the best choice.

Travelling to the airport is where your holiday experience begins. You want it to be a simple and enjoyable process. With our useful tips, mishaps and hiccups can easily be avoided by helping you make the right choice at the time of booking.

First things first

With our 30 years experience we have found that the most beneficial Heathrow airport parking advice is to decide whether you want your car parked on or off the airport. The former will save you time, the latter money.

Ultimately this question is answered very easily by considering the following:

The time you have allowed to travel to the airport: Maybe you are making the journey straight from work, in which case you might be on a tight schedule, therefore you'd prefer to park as close to the airport as possible. Or perhaps you and your family have plenty of time so can make a more leisurely journey to Heathrow, therefore parking off the airport might suit you better.

Who you are travelling with: If you are travelling by yourself you can decide whether or not you want to include a transfer in your journey, however if you are travelling with elderly or young children you may prefer to park close to the terminal to save having to board transfer buses. If there's a group of you, hopping on and off a transfer bus together might just be part of the holiday experience.

How much luggage you have: If you have a lot of heavy luggage, hoarding it on and off a transfer bus might not be your kind of fun, whereas if you’re travelling light, a transfer bus is a breeze.

As you can see by answering the question of whether to book Heathrow parking on or off the airport, it has narrowed down the results and allows you more easily compare the different products available to you.

On airport:

More often than not, airport parking services that are located within the airport grounds are official car parks. There's a general consensus that official car parks are expensive...with BCP this isn’t the case. When you book in advance and online with BCP, you can save up to 60% on services at Heathrow.

The parking services available on-site at Heathrow Airport are plentiful. The best advice is to be clear on your budget.

The closer or more convenient the service, the more it will cost and, due to the size of Heathrow, some on-site car parks require a short transfer, therefore these options will provide the cheapest price.

No transfer: If price is less important than how quickly you can be at check-in Heathrow Meet and Greet or Heathrow Official Valet Parking might be exactly what you are looking for. These services provide speed and efficiency by allowing you to simply drive to the terminal where you will be met by your professional chauffeur. You are free to unpack and continue your journey whilst the driver parks your car for you.

Transfer: The services on-site at Heathrow that offer a cheaper price involve a short transfer. For the closest car park available choose Heathrow Business Parking or Heathrow Business Parking Plus with transfers from only 3 minutes, depending on terminal, the price is considerably low.

Heathrow Long Stay offers fantastic prices and despite the name you can park here for any duration. The transfers are only 3 - 7 minutes and run on demand.

Park Wise Heathrow is the cheapest parking option available. It caters for terminals 1 and 3 and there is short transfer of between 6 - 12 minutes.

Off airport:

It’s no secret that parking off-site is going to get you the cheapest Heathrow airport parking prices.

BCP offer two of the best car park options available at Heathrow at very low prices. Fear not, just because the price is lower it doesn't mean the level of service will suffer and security certainly isn’t compromised, the only difference compared to on-site parking is the transfer time. So if you’re not in a rush then the extra savings are well worth it.

Heathrow Purple Parking Business offers the cheapest option for your Heathrow airport parking. The car park is easy to find, the service is great and the transfers only take approximately 10 minutes. Purple Parking is a great way to save money before your holiday.

Click Park Heathrow provides off-site parking for terminals 4 and 5. Located only 1 mile from Terminal 4, the transfer to this terminal is only 3-4 minutes, so this is a great alternative to the slightly more expensive on-site car parks offering the same transfer times. The transfer to Terminal 5 takes between 10 and 12 minutes, however the slightly longer journey will save you money.

Help and Tips for choosing the right parking deal

Now that you have been able to compare the on-airport products against those offered outside of the airport grounds, you can consider some different options. If budget is your sole concern you may want to only look at the cheapest options available, if you are travelling with a disabled passenger you will need parking that has disabled access. Whatever your circumstances you want to find a service that best suits your travel needs.

Finding cheap Heathrow airport parking

For many of us, making savings on pre-holiday products is important, it does after all give us more money to spend whilst we’re away.

Finding cheap parking at Heathrow isn’t a difficult task with BCP.

The most important thing to remember when searching for cheap airport parking at Heathrow is that the further from the airport you are, the cheaper the parking will be, therefore, off-site parking is always going to be cheaper than parking on-site.

It is always very important to note the transfer times of all the car parks as often the cheaper, off-airport services have transfer times that are comparable to those within the airport perimeter. An example of this is Click Park Heathrow, it is outside of the airports perimeters but only by 1 mile, the transfer time is therefore very short at only 3 minutes.

The cheapest parking option available at Heathrow is Purple Parking Business. The transfer may be 10 minutes but this is not too dissimilar to some of the transfer times of parking options on-site. It’s easy to find and has superb security so you really do get great value-for-money.

Choosing your parking service

A good understanding of the different options available always helps you to save a few extra pounds.

Here is an idea of what product might suit you best depending on your needs:

Tight on time: Heathrow Meet and Greet or Heathrow Official Valet Parking

Budget conscious: Purple Parking Business

On-site preference: Heathrow Long Stay Parking

Fast transfer: On-site: Heathrow Business Parking or Heathrow Business Parking Plus Off-site: Click Park Heathrow

Disabled access: All services offer disabled transport, if not on the buses alternative transport will be arranged. Heathrow Meet and Greet or Heathrow Official Valet Parking mean you can pull up at the airport and make your way straight into the terminal.

Heathrow Airport Parking Tips

Finding a place to park in Europe’s busiest airport might seem difficult, but it can be smooth and easy with BPC. Book in advance, you will save money and time! Here are some tips about Heathrow airport parking you might find extremely useful:

  • Choose a quality booking company with a decent customer service (like BCP)
  • Compare services and prices as appropriate
  • Investigate charges for transfers and over-staying
  • Check which Terminal you are flying from - book a parking space as close as possible to your Terminal
  • Always include a cancellation waiver in your booking –you never know when you are going to need it
  • Check out hotels with parking space available
  • Double check the traffic report before you leave
  • Book your parking time on the assumption that you have to be there at least 2 hours before your flight time

For any other questions you may have regarding Heathrow Airport - take a look at our Heathrow FAQ's