Birmingham Meet & Greet Airport Parking

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  • Save time and let someone else park for you
  • The same price as some park & ride services
  • A convenient, Stress-Free Meet and Greet parking service

With a Meet and Greet Parking service at Birmingham Airport, you can enjoy a speedier journey in and out of the airport terminal: drive directly to the forecourt, drop your keys off with a friendly driver and head straight to check in without having to worry about bus transfers or getting your luggage from the car to the airport. With a Meet and Greet service, you can take care of all this without breaking the bank because BCP offer unbeatable prices on Meet and Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport.

The Meet and Greet options

Maple Manor Meet and Greet
Currently our cheapest option for Meet and Greet parking at Birmingham Airport, Maple Manor are a nationwide company specialising in this service. You will be met at the terminal by a uniformed driver and you can head straight to check-in without delay. When you arrive back at Birmingham Airport, you will need to call Maple Manor on the phone number provided and they will send your car to the terminal ready for you to make the drive home.

Airparks Meet and Greet with car wash
For a few extra pounds, Airparks will give your car a little more love and return it to you with added sparkle. This is a very similar Meet and Greet parking service. Your car is stored at Airparks car park, just a few minutes outside the airport grounds where is stays in protected grounds for the duration.

Meet and Greet vs other parking services

Our Meet and Greet parking has excellent customer ratings and we are happy to recommend it, but how does it compare with other park and ride or walk-to-the-terminal options?

It is a little more expensive than the park and ride options but it is much quicker; there's no need to find a car park, parking bay or wait for a transfer bus. It does require you to leave your keys with the company driver but they are fully insured and pride themselves on a great customer satisfaction record. If you feel uncomfortable asking them to drive your car, perhaps you might prefer the Mid-Stay car park which is a similar price and you can still walk from your car to the terminal. It's a little further but arguably offers more peace of mind. We love Meet and Greet parking for the personal touch and ease of arriving at and departing from the terminal. It's worth trying once, at least, because many people don't go back once they've used it.