Airport lounges

Your holiday usually starts when you are on the plane and up in the air. Airports can be somewhat stressful, and airport lounges are often cram packed with people, so with limited seating it’s hard to find a spot to relax before you get on your flight.

Why not book an airport lounge with BCP, and escape the hustle and bustle of the busy terminal buildings. Customers can expect first class facilities in an airport lounge, including a complimentary bar, some delicious light snacks, soft furnishings and complimentary reading material.

 Stansted Airport Lounge

Booking an airport lounge means you can take advantage of a wide range of facilities to suit both busiess and leisure guests. It provides a great working environment for business passengers and a quiet haven for leisure guests who wish to relax before a flight.

BCP offer airport lounges and airport parking at an affordable price, so why not spoil yourself by booking an airport lounge for your upcoming trip - from just £17.50 per person. BCP offers Price Protection on all lounges too.

Airport lounge information

  • Most lounges provide flight information screens for your convenience
  • Children over 12 years old are permitted in most lounges
  • You can check in to the lounge up to three hours prior to your flight departure
  • All airport lounges are non-smoking
  • Complimentary snacks (biscuits and crisps), coffee, tea, soft and alcoholic drinks are available in the airport lounges. There is a charge for champagne
  • Lounges have a smart casual dress code (no baseball caps, shorts or football shirts) and expect reasonable behaviour from all guests
  • Business facilities vary between lounges
  • Please check disabled facilities when booking

BCP airport lounges

Airport lounge Lounge capacity Business facilities Opening times
Aberdeen Servisair Lounge 30 Phone, fax and modem 04.30am
Belfast City Airport Aspire Lounge 50 Phone and internet 05.00am
Birmingham Airport Servisair Lounge 50 Phone and fax 06.00am
Blackpool Airport Lounge 30 Conference table and desks 05.00am
Bristol Airport Servisair Lounge 30 Phone, fax, internet and email 04.00am
The Cardiff 51 Lounge 40 WiFi, phone, fax and photocopier 05.00am
East Midlands Servisair Lounge 56 Phone, fax and internet 05.00am
East Midlands Escape Lounge 56 Free wi-fi 04.00am
Edinburgh Airport Servisair Lounge 55 Phone, desks and internet 05.00am
Gatwick Aviance Airport Lounge 80 Telefax, photocopier, credit card compoint access 06.00am
Glasgow Airport Servisair Lounge 35 Phone and fax 05.00am
Glasgow Airport Sky Business Lounge 35 Computers, phone, internet 05.00am
Heathrow Airport Servisair Lounge 113 Phone and fax 06.00am
Heathrow Servisair Lounge at Terminal 2 113 Phone and fax 06.00am
Heathrow Servisair Lounge at Terminal 3 110 Phone, fax and internet 06.30am
No 1 Lounge at Terminal 3 Heathrow Airport N/A Wifi, phone fax, printer, photocopier and internet 04.30am
Humberside Airport Servisair Lounge 35 Phone and business desks 05.00am
Leeds Bradford Servisair Lounge 60 Phone, fax and internet 05.00am
Liverpool Halewood Airport Lounge 30 Business desks, internet and phones 05.30am
Luton Reed Aviation Lounge 45 Phone, fax and internet 05.45am
Manchester Bollin Servisair Lounge 120 Phone, fax, internet and compoints 05.00am
Manchester Styal Servisair Lounge 95 Phone, fax, internet and compoints 05.30am
Newcastle Airport Servisair Lounge 80 Phone, internet and fax 05.15am
Stansted Airport Servisair Lounge 35 Phone, fax, internet and email 05.15am

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Airport lounges


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Relax before your flight with an airport lounge.

Airport lounges

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